Steps to Setup Google Search Console: Learn How to Add your WordPress Site in GSC

With regards to positioning high and generating high traffic from Google, you’ll require all the SEO tools available. The manner in which your site shows up in search engines like Google – can play an essential role in the overall success of your website.

Fortunately, tools like Google Search Console helps you to understand your website in terms of Search Engine Optimization, it gives you suggestions if any issues are found in your website’s health. GSC also enables you to improve your website appearance on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), So you can stand out from the crowd.

In this articles you’ll learn about Google Search console and how to add your WordPress website or blog in Google Search Console.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console or GSC (Formely known as webmaster tools) is a free web service offered by Google that helps monitor and tracks your website rankings in Google search results. It provides tools to assess the quality of your site as it relates to SEO, so you can identify and fix any problems that might be holding you back. It is very useful for your website health checkup.

Benefits of Using Google Search Console (GSC)

Google Search Console is a free and concrete supplement to your SEO practices. You can use it to improve your website, as well as get unique information on traffic and trends, among other things.

One of the biggest benefits of moderating your content is that you can improve your web page’s relevance and appearance in search engines. You can also validate the structured data, test out how it looks on search engines, and see improvements to the site’s HTML code. Plus, internal links are optimized to improve accessibility.

Using these benefits you can improve both the look of the website on SERPs and its overall performance.

Adding Your WordPress Blog/Website to Google Search Console

Visit Google Search Console official website and click on ‘Start Now’ button

Next you will need to login into your Google account

After login, you will be asked to enter your website URL.

Verify Website Ownership

In Google Search Console, you’ll find 5 different methods to verify your website ownership.

In this article, I am going to cover 2 easy methods for beginners and rest 3 methods is for the advanced user.

Method 1: Use HTML Tag method to verify your website verification

Copy the meta tag from the Search Console verification wizard

Login into wordpress and navigate to yoast seo -> General -> Webmaster Tools

Paste the Verification code in “Google Verification Code”

Click on save button

Go back to search console after adding HTML tag in yoast plugin and click on Verify

After clicking on “Verify” button, you’ll get verification confirmation popup

Method 2: Upload the HTML File to your Website Via FTP to Verify your Website Ownership

Download the html file from Google Search Console

Next, Use Filezilla to open the website FTP then upload the HTML file to your site’s root directory

Go back to search console after uploading HTML verification file and click on Verify

After verification done, Your site is successfully added in Google search console. Now click on “Go to property” link to visit your Google search console dashboard.

Google search console dashboard

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