How to do Keyword Research for your Affiliate Blog in 2023 [Step by Step Guide]?

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is the process of finding words or search terms that people enter into the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing for specific purposes.

Keyword Research will help marketers to find the right keyword for their content to target audience.

Keyword Research tools help to find the right keyword for your content and give you the list of keywords as per popularity, how difficult to rank and more.

We will discuss more about Keyword Tools later in this post

Now, you know what keyword research is but question comes…

Why Keyword Research is Important for your blog SEO?

Keyword Research is important because it gives you the wings while promoting blog.

This will help you to discover the valuable keyword that people are searching related to your niche.

Without validating these keywords you will miss out huge opportunities to get search traffic on your blog.

So, what happens if you don’t do proper keyword research for your blog?

  1. You could waste your so much time
  2. Keywords that you are targeting might not send much traffic to your blog
  3. You will the keywords you are targeting might not generate leads for your blog

You will also find that the keyword which you are targeting, visitors are not converting into paid customers from it, if you will overlook the certain keywords. Doing proper keyword research help you in figuring out ROI on investment of your SEO efforts.

How to do Keyword Research for your blog SEO?

Here we will go through the necessary steps to do the keyword research and you would have the clear idea that what types of keywords you should be targeting for your blog.

First think of keywords that people might use to find your blog online.

There are some questions you might want to ask from yourself:

  • What queries/phrases would you type in if you were finding your blog online?
  • What problems/queries does your blog/website solve?
  • What type of people does your blog/website serve?
  • What questions do your customers ask before they buy?

You can get more keyword ideas by searching your keywords into Google.

Google suggest you the other possible keyword that might be helpful to boost your blog traffic.

Also focus on the keywords that Google displays at the bottom of the SERP after Google search.

These search term will support your content to make it easier for both users and search engines to understand better about your content.

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